A permanent planner on your desktop


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Daterio is a planner program that will remain imbedded on the upper right hand side of your desktop, so you can access your events and view your to-do's instantly.

The program includes a telephone directory, appointments calendar, the ability to print a list of your daily appointments, visual and sound notifications when an appointment is almost due or has been completed, and even the option to insert a logo so you can print off a business card.

The program also supports working within a LAN, allowing you to add events remotely, or even export your the information on your calendar in Excel format so you can use it on another program.

Daterio is a very useful software program for those that are busy very often or that have lots of appointments. Thanks to Daterio, you can easily access your planner when you are at your computer, which will surely help you to not forget any appointment you may have.
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